I don't really exist (papertowlbtrfly) wrote in salad_hell,
I don't really exist

Super Simple

In case you were wondering the bare minimum to keep you alive and functional:

What inmates ate in an 18th century workhouse

Saturday - Thursday:
Alternating between 2 menus

Pint and a half (30 oz) gruel
(thin, real oatmeal)
Pint and a half broth
5 oz cooked meat
8 slices non white bread (12 oz)
4 new potatoes (8 oz)


Pint and a half gruel
Pint and a half soup
2 oz cheese
8 slices non white bread

On Friday
Pint and a half (30 oz) gruel
2 oz cheese
8 slices non white bread
14 oz suet or rice pudding

That's it, that's all they got. Sadly, it's far more nutritious than a diet of Cheetos and McDonalds. I expect that if you stay true to the ingredients and add some of fruit and veg, it would be a fairly decent diet. What the $%#@ are you supposed to do with the 14 oz of suet though?! I guess you can save it for toast or french fries?
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