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Super Simple

In case you were wondering the bare minimum to keep you alive and functional:

What inmates ate in an 18th century workhouse

Saturday - Thursday:
Alternating between 2 menus

Pint and a half (30 oz) gruel
(thin, real oatmeal)
Pint and a half broth
5 oz cooked meat
8 slices non white bread (12 oz)
4 new potatoes (8 oz)


Pint and a half gruel
Pint and a half soup
2 oz cheese
8 slices non white bread

On Friday
Pint and a half (30 oz) gruel
2 oz cheese
8 slices non white bread
14 oz suet or rice pudding

That's it, that's all they got. Sadly, it's far more nutritious than a diet of Cheetos and McDonalds. I expect that if you stay true to the ingredients and add some of fruit and veg, it would be a fairly decent diet. What the $%#@ are you supposed to do with the 14 oz of suet though?! I guess you can save it for toast or french fries?
sneaky trees

Weightwatchers on the cheap

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Here's an interesting piece from wired on how weightwatchers is essentially a roll playing game that pretty much drops the programs docs.

"When you first log in to Weight Watchers, it determines how much food you'll be allowed to eat that day, expressed as a number of "points." My friend gets 23 points per day."

"But pretty soon she learned to hack her daily eating to suit the system. She snacked on vegetables that took zero points -- like bell peppers -- or only one or two points, like a tasty brand of microwave popcorn. Then she'd save up the big points for a really decent dinner. Better yet, Weight Watchers assigns her an extra 35 bonus points per week that she can use if she goes over her daily limit. Or she can bank them for a big blowout restaurant meal on the weekend."

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Here's a nifty free (though not as extensive) version of their online calculator.

Here are some manically happy and perky people:

Ok, done.