I don't really exist (papertowlbtrfly) wrote in salad_hell,
I don't really exist

Eat...while you can

In case you didn't already know, the bee populations around the world have collapsed. Seeing as they're pollinators, this doesn't bode well for the food supply at all. As of now, I'm going to stop watching what I eat. In fact, I'm going to start eating everything I want in abundance. Well, not so much sugar because it would really suck to be hypoglycaemic or something while on rations. Fresh veg, nice cheeses, meat, good chocolate....
Think about it, do you want to tell your grandkids (if we make it that long) that you ate real mashed potatoes, gravy and cream from a cow in the last days of abundance...or slimfast?

I'm keeping the community up and will approve new members if they come, but for me, I just don't see the sense in slimming any more.
I may update from time to time on my ddr progress, I dunno?
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